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Luminous Fiber Yarn for Shinning in The Darkness

Product Description:
Brightness test:
Time after persistence of Brightness mcd/m2
Lighting off 100% Polyester luminous Yarn
5 sec. 3.480
5 min. 255
10 min. 110
1 hour 15
Time until reaching 3 mcd/m2 Brightness: 7 hours
Time until reaching 0.3mcd/m2 Brightness: 15 hours

Lumira is one kind of new-type polyester yarn, which has the characteristic of being luminous at night when absorbing the sunlight in daytime.
Lumira is usually used in pattern designing on clothes like T-shirts, gloves, vests etc and it makes those clothes more fashinable and also, many producers of sports shoes and socks prefer to have a try on this kind of new product, so we can now see some beautiful shoes with luminous laces at night and always these luminous products users can be focus.
Our company is now producing this kind of luminous FDY Yarn (Lumira FDY)
We can guarantee the excellent effect of its luminous characteristic at night.
When producing this kind of yarn, luminous master batch is added and here are some pictures of raw material/end product/and clothes made of our products.
If u are interested in our products, just contact us,Thx!

Luminous Fiber Yarn for Shinning in The Darkness

Now we are promoting:

1. Flame-retardant yarn/ for home textile like curtan etc.
2.Super black/ for making label,ribbon
3.Dope dyed colored yarn/ this is eco-friendly,with aim of protecting enviroment, this will be good item in near future.
4.slub yarn,cationic slub/ good effection in fashion fabric, with other name-fat and thin yarn.
5.cationic fdy (Ecdp which is 80-90degree dying)/. can dying in regular pressure and temp. eco-friendly,can make fabric together with cotton,nylon,metal yarn,etc, to keep mix dying no problem in 80-90degree.this item now exporting more for seamless underwear.
6.RW Full Dull and super full dull /this is for making Imitation Rabbit Hair Fabricetc.
7.ATY,mixed yarn./ this is for differental requirement of customer.

anything you interested may let me know,
hope we can make progess together!

Ms Kero Wang

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