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Polyester UV Protective Yarn

Polyester uv protective yarn for knitting uv protection shirt

In scorching hot summer people's demand for UV (ultra-viotlet)-cut clothes begins to grow tremendously. Clothes' UV-cut performance is determined by the fabric's shielding capability of ultra-violet rays, whereas the fabric's UV-cut performance is determined by the UV-cut performance of the fibers which make up the fabric. Generally speaking, textiles themselves possess the UV shielding effect: the heavier the clothes, the better the fiber's UV-cut performance. However, summer dresses usually adopt lighter, thinner and paler fabrics, which the UV rays easily penetrate to hurt the skin. As a result, summer dress materials need to be done the UV-cut process. In the future, adding UV-cut components to fabrics will be more and more popular.

Brief description:

The UV-cut fiber, a product which has been given a high regard recently, is made into a UV-cut fiber by using figuline and a metal compound. It possesses the UV-reflecting effect as well as the effects of preventing suntans, black spots and dermatitis. Adding the UV-cut agent to the polymer, its UV-cut effect long and water wash-resistance better than the post-treatment textile. Using UV-cut fiber textiles can increase the UPF value and provide the heat-insulation effect.

Applicable scope:

Including women's suits, frocks, jackets, sports and leisure clothes, swimming wear, golf wear, tennis jackets, overalls, umbrellas, tents, drapes, etc.

Polyester UV Protective Yarn

Now we are promoting:

1. Flame-retardant yarn/ for home textile like curtan etc.
2.Super black/ for making label,ribbon
3.Dope dyed colored yarn/ this is eco-friendly,with aim of protecting enviroment, this will be good item in near future.
4.slub yarn,cationic slub/ good effection in fashion fabric, with other name-fat and thin yarn.
5.cationic fdy (Ecdp which is 80-90degree dying)/. can dying in regular pressure and temp. eco-friendly,can make fabric together with cotton,nylon,metal yarn,etc, to keep mix dying no problem in 80-90degree.this item now exporting more for seamless underwear.
6.RW Full Dull and super full dull /this is for making Imitation Rabbit Hair Fabricetc.
7.ATY,mixed yarn./ this is for differental requirement of customer.

anything you interested may let me know,
hope we can make progess together!

Ms Kero Wang

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